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In my images, I use botanicals as metaphors for personal experiences:  vanitas compositions that reference the fleeting nature of time, toxic plants that stand in for poisonous relationships and glorious blooms that reflect moments of exquisite joy.  
My work explores the interplay between modern technologies and art history. All images are styled using natural window light and inspiration from traditional Dutch still life paintings. 
Prints are limited editions of 5 archival pigment prints on Hahnemuhle paper in 20x20" or 30x30" sizes.  Images are also available in larger sizes on white aluminum substrate.  I am happy to consider commissioned pieces in other sizes.

Poppy, 150 from the Fatal Flora series

Vanitas with Lily of the Valley and Eggs

Vanitas with Lily of the Valley from the Omnia Vanitas  series

Installation 1.png

Installation of The Poison Garden at the Sioux City Art Center, 2022

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